Health Benefits of Yoga

The benefits of yoga go far beyond improving flexibility. A strong and flexible body, peace of mind, good health, even weight loss. It sure pays to hit the mat and benefits of yoga are immense. Recent research shows that far from being a simple system, the complexity of yoga and its many asanas can keep us away from major health ailments and issues.

1. Improve cardiovascular health

Regular yoga therapy induces relaxation in the blood vessels, reduces blood pressure, and increases blood flow to the heart muscle.

2. Cut cancer risk

If there’s a history of cancer in the family, join a yoga class. This may prevent the genetic mutation from expressing.

3. Control of diabetes

Yoga is supposed to increase Agni, the digestive fire. It helps improve digestion, which in turn improves blood sugar levels.

4. Reduce neck and low-back pain

Regularly practicing good postures can straighten your slouch and may help curb chronic neck and low-back pain.

6. Reduce stress

Recent research has linked yoga to lowering levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, especially in women at risk for mental health problems.

5. Lessen depression

Regularly practicing good postures can straighten your slouch and may help curb chronic neck and low-back pain.

7. Sharpen the brain

Focused breath means maximizing oxygenation, and movement increases blood flow to the brain and body. Sharp brains, for sure.

8. Reduce PMS

Researchers have found that women who practiced yoga during a few days of their menstrual cycle were more relaxed and peaceful.

9. Improve intuition

Yoga and meditation help improve and hone intuitive ability. You begin to realize what needs to be done, when, and how, for positive results.

10. Increase energy

A few minutes of yoga can leave you fresh, recharged, and energetic even after a long day.

11. Improves immunity

The many asanas strengthen muscle while breathing techniques and meditation help release stress and improve immunity.

12. Lengthen lifespan and youth

A yoga-based lifestyle can help erase some signs of aging. It is also known to prevent several lifestyle-related diseases caused by oxidative stress and inflammation. Apart from these benefits of yoga, yoga leaves you feeling really good. Isn’t it time you signed up for a session?