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"We at Vedic Yoga Education teach you ancient yoga practices like Yogic Jogging, Asanas, Sun Salute ( Surya Namaskar ) Pranayama’s, Meditation & Mindfulness, Sukshm Vyayamas, Mudras, kriyas,

What Is Yoga ?

Yoga is an ancient practice that incorporates stretching, strengthening, balance, breath to
movement, and mindfulness. Yoga poses not only strengthen and stretch your muscles, but they also
require concentration and a mind-body connection that promotes mindfulness and healthy
behaviors in all parts of your life.

Health Benefits of Yoga

The benefits of yoga go far beyond improving flexibility. A strong and flexible body, peace of mind, good health, even weight loss. It sure pays to hit the mat and benefits of yoga are immense.

Do you need to be flexible to do yoga ?

Are you shying away from yoga just because you can barely touch your toes without bending your knees? Well, don’t be discouraged by your inflexibility;

Why you should choose a online yoga class ?

As a online yoga trainer, I’ve often been asked how I can teach when I’m not face-to- face with my client.

Why women should make time for yoga

It is the day and age of the multitalented and multifaceted women, who handle their professional and personal lives with utmost finesse

Benefits Of Meditation.

Frequently Asked Questions for Weight loss (FAQs)

The amount of weight one loses by doing Yoga varies from person-to-person and
depends on their a number of factors including their flexibility.

Both yoga and fitness have their own advantages. Yoga involves more stretching
and relaxation, whereas fitness deals with the contraction of muscles. There is no
way of saying one works better than the other for weight loss. It depends on each
individual’s own body type and their choices.

Yes, you can lose belly fat with the help of yoga. Basic stretches and different
asanas (like Surya Namaskar) can help you lose belly fat. That said, it is not
recommended that you aim for spot reduction in any case.

Yes, it is effective for weight loss. However, Hatha yoga is recommended since it is
better in the long term. People with medical conditions should not prefer doing power
yoga, unless under supervision

A. Yoga is more than a physical posture, unlike stretching or exercise. In yoga for
immunity breathing technique is applied with different poses such that body
movement, blood circulation, and mind fluctuation are aligned and balanced with
controlled breathing. This connection of breath, mind, and body allows us to focus

Frequently Asked Questions for Thyroid (FAQs)

A. No, yoga cannot treat hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. It is a holistic approach
to health that can relieve your symptoms and prevent you from further complications
& reduce medication gradually. Proper medication and therapies with healthier
lifestyles can bring a massive change.

A. Hypothyroidism results due to insufficient secretion of hormone from thyroid
glands. It decreases the metabolism of the body and leads to weight gain. It can be
due to various factors like an autoimmune disorder, side-effects of medications,
treatment of hyperthyroidism, and radiation therapy. It is common in women older
than 60 or someone who has a family health history of thyroid disorders.

A. Shifting from a sedentary and stressful lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle is priority
number one. One can prevent thyroid by following some basic rules:
 Avoid smoking. Smoke induces several toxins in a person’s system that harm your thyroid
gland. It increases thyroxine levels and reduces the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)
 A thyroid neck check is a simple physical examination of your neck to detect the presence of
any lumps and bumps close to the surface
 Keep yourself physically active. Exercising will not only prevent you from thyroid but other
life-threatening diseases too
 Visit your doctor if you witness any noticeable changes in your health

A. Yoga usually does not come with any side effects. It is the most natural way of
alleviating disease-causing factors. Nevertheless, pregnant women, people suffering
from ulcers and hernia, and others who have had abdominal surgery should avoid
performing these exercises. Consulting your doctor in such cases is the best option.
It’s always recommended to consult a Yoga therapist for specific asanas and

Frequently Asked Questions for Mental Health (FAQs)

A. Yoga techniques like relaxation, meditation, and exercise is a self-soothing tool
that one can use to calm your mind and slow down racing thoughts. If done right, you
can take care of your anxiety better.

A. Research has shown that yoga works wonders when it comes to mental health.
Yoga reduces muscle tension, relieves stress and inflammation, and increases
concentration. It helps to calm down the nervous system, helping you focus better.

A. Avoid doing yoga when you are exhausted, ill, suffering from acute stress, or in a
hurry. Also, do not perform yoga right after a meal.

A. Yoga can be done by anyone who has no known medical ailment history.
However, if you do have a medical condition, then it’s best to consult your doctor or
yoga therapist before you begin your yoga practice.

A. Anxiety sufferers can perform yoga for as little as 20 minutes a day to reduce
anxiety symptoms. However  performing a one-hour yoga practice two-three times a
week can decrease anxiety symptoms dramatically.