Why you should choose a online yoga class ?

As a online yoga trainer, I’ve often been asked how I can teach when I’m not face-to- face with my client. After all, proper supervision is necessary for anyone to master the posture, angles and moves for every asana. But I think there are several benefits to a online yoga class. For instance, the most common excuse for skipping any exercise class is lack of time. “I am busy, I have no time to go to class,” I’ve often heard people say. That excuse doesn’t work with virtual yoga, where you can do everything you could do in a class where the instructor is face-to-face, but at a time and place that best works for you. Here’s how it is done:

  • First, a personalized plan is prepared based on the client’s needs. Often, asanas are
    modified based on the client’s level of flexibility, experience and health. For example, Surya
    Namaskar is modified for beginners and also for people who have back pain, high blood
    pressure, tight hamstrings, tight hips, etc. It’s the same with other asanas. With step-by-step
    guidance, clients are taught to reach the final posture.
  • Clients are encouraged to practice the same asana several times at their own pace. There is
    no need to keep up with others, since the class is tailored to their speed.
  • Clients can use props that are available at home like a towel, dining chair, sofa, diwan
    pillows, etc to practice difficult asanas instead of buying fancy props that are used in studios.
  • If a client faces any difficulty in performing the asana, the trainer is available to talk them
    through it. There are several ways in which this can be done There is also the option of
    conducting an live class.
  • Lastly, there’s the cost advantage. Yoga classes can be expensive, and a personalized
    session costs even more, but if you choose a online programme like ours, sessions are part
    of a larger diet and fitness plan and still cost less than a class.